Plumbing Program


Plumbing Apprentice Program

Apprentice – Milestone Earning Potential $14 - $18 per hour

Designed to give you the foundation to start your career, our Plumbing programs consist of classroom lectures, labs, and mostly on the job training where you get first hand experience from our expert technicians, preparing you for what it’s like to work as a professional licensed plumbing technician. Our program is unique in that it not only teaches you the valuable technical skills to perform plumbing work, but also verbal and non-verbal communication skills, along with customer service techniques and value driven service. There are five levels to our program and upon successfully completing each one you will receive rewards for your accomplishments, not only in hourly wage increase, but in the form of tools and other items to help you in your new career. By level 5 you will have accrued all hours and be well prepared to pass your license certification exams.

Our Plumbing Team is Here for You.

We understand you don’t want to spend years in the classroom. That’s why our Plumbing Apprentice Program is a hands-on training program designed for quick workplace entry. It takes less than a year to complete our Plumbing Apprentice Program, so you can make a change and prepare for a new career. Our labs are equipped with technology that lets you practice hands-on skills to install, maintain and service Plumbing systems. Check out the graph to learn how much money you can save from our program.

MPACT University & Milestone

As one of the largest home service and repair companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Milestone is a highly sought-after place of employment. Voted by “Best in Texas” and “The Dallas Morning News” as best places to work year-after-year, our family continues to grow! It is our goal for all graduates of the Plumbing Program to join our team and build a successful career as a Milestone Plumber.

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